Things To Consider When Buying A New Car

The chance of buying a new car can be a pretty awesome thing. But this euphoria should not clutter your mind and you must be aware of your responsibilities as a driver. Even more, you should think carefully select the car model you want. Check the following list with what you should look for before buying a new car. Also, since auto insurance is mandatory in almost all state, you should get car insurance quotes and compare prices before signing any contract.

  1. 03-2015-hyundai-genesis-50-reviewMileage and fuel consumption. A fuel-guzzler can quickly drain your wallet empty and since fuel prices are harder to predict, it is wise to buy a fuel-efficient car. Make a research with the best fuel-efficient cars. You will also be surprised that many of these cars are also very affordable, with many models with starting prices below $30.000.
  2. Government taxes. There are many fees and taxes you should be aware of. When buying a new car, you should be prepared to pay the registration transfer fee, stamp duty (if in another country), motor vehicle tax, and compulsory third party insurance. The registration transfer fee and stamp duty vary from one state to another and are paid once.
  3. Additional fees for car maintenance and parking fees. Besides spending money on fuel, you will also spend some money to park your car and to keep it running. Plus, you should consider the costs of technical inspections. Since the number of cars is very high, the need and demand of parking spots is also huge and that explains why the parking costs are so big.
  4. C&C costs. Unless you totally own the car, you won’t have to deal with comprehensive and collision insurance (unless you want these policies). Otherwise, you will have to pay the coverage.

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