Tips for Driving in the Fog

Even if you consider yourself a skilled driver, do not underestimate the danger fog poses.  Driving in reduced visibility is unnerving and gives plenty of room for stupid errors. Check the following tips for driving in the fog. Also, if you interested in car insurance and generally, car safety, you should stay on our website, read more articles and get auto insurance quotes online for free. But first, pay attention to the following tips:

  1. fogAvoid driving in the fog if it is possible. Although this is not technically a driving advice, you should follow it. Even experts have problems dealing with fog. On heavy circulated roads, things can get pretty ugly. Do not drive in the fog unless it is imperative.  Otherwise, monitor the weather forecast and wait until visibility improves.
  2. Use low-beam headlights. High-beams cause glare during foggy conditions.  drive with fog lights and low beam lights being turned on, as it would avail the drive maximum amount of road visibility, without hampering the driving.
  3. Drive slowly and monitor the road. Now it’s not the time to be speedy. Many people lose perception of their road speed when their surroundings are masked by fog. As a result, people who aren’t paying attention sometimes end up driving even faster in the fog than they would with clear visibility. Fog can hide a multitude of things, including a car that’s just beyond the limit of visibility. And this is a recipe for a disastrous accident.
  4. Do not tailgate. Tailgating during fog is one of the worst mistakes you can do and it is related to the previous point. If the car in front stops suddenly, due to numerous reasons, you may end up causing an accident or be caught in a chain-accident. Either way, the scenario is unpleasant.

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