Top Distracted Driving Factors

Distracted driving is one of the leading car crash causes all over the world. Find out the top distracted driving factors and how to avoid them. And if you are looking for cheap auto insurance, you should check our website and get free quotes.

  • Texting-Driving-1800x1272Using a mobile while driving can increase the risk of a collision by four times, according to several studies. Sending a text message is even worse.
  • Not being focused on the road: Ok, ok it’s easier said than done, but before taking off make sure you answer that last text, start the podcast you like and turn on your A/C. If you take the time to make those adjustments, you won’t have a reason to look down while driving.
  • Trying to grab items while driving. Store all items you might need at arm’s length: This includes glasses, drink or purse. Anything that might roll away try to keep close so you don’t feel tempted to reach for them on the floor or seat.
  • Avoid running late or getting ready in the car: Rushing to your location is already dangerous, but looking for your lipstick or shaving at the same time could also be a recipe for disaster.
  • Snack Smart: Avoid eating meals in the car, it could get messy causing you to look down when you spill salsa on your brand-new shirt.
  • Troublesome passengers. Make sure kids and pets are secure before taking off: This will prevent you from checking on them when they need your attention, reaching for them could also cause you to lose control.
  • Put the phone away: Make sure your cellphone is in a place where you can’t reach that way you are not able to use it. If you have hands-free technology utilize it and keep those eyes on the road.

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