What Is Accident Forgiveness

Accident Forgiveness is a frequently promoted, but little understood extra coverage. It actually means that you can get into an accident and your rates won’t skyrocket. But it is actually a bit more complex than that. Accident forgiveness programs can vary greatly between states and insurance companies. Find out more about it and get a free car insurance quote from our website.

Accident forgiveness programs avoid the increase in rates drivers typically get after they are involved in an “at-fault” accident.  Typically rates increased by an average of 33% for a middle-age driver after his first accident. If you are younger or do not have a clean record, your rates can go even higher. Plus, an accident will disqualify you from discounts companies offer, such as a safe driver discount which could save you up to 25% for some companies.

Unlike standardized discounts, accident forgiveness programs can vary a lot. Generally, only the larger insurance companies have accident forgiveness programs, but they may not offer them in every state. This is why you should ask your insurer or check the fine print carefully for extra services.  Each company has its own rules when it comes to an accident forgiveness program. Some ask a minimum experience of several years, usually 3 or 5 years, to be their customers for a minimum number of years and to have a clean record for several consecutive years.

Accident forgiveness can be a really good choice for any driver if the cost is affordable. After all. you want to save money with the program, meaning you do not want to pay more for accident forgiveness than what an accident would cost you. On the long run, you can avoid paying thousands of dollars more for increased rates. Be sure to compare prices before signing any documents.

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