What To Do If Your Car Insurance Policy Expires

Driving without insurance or any form of financial responsibility will have negative repercussions when discovered by authorities. Keeping your policy active is a must. But there are situations when drivers let their policy expire, either due to negligence, or they simply do not want to pay for car insurance.  If you find yourself in the first situation, there are several actions to take, in order to reinstate proper coverage. Find out more about what to do if your car insurance policy expires and check our website if you want to compare auto insurance quotes online free.

The first thing to do, upon discovering that the policy expired, is to contact your agent and explain the situation. If you are quick enough, your policy may be reinstated without any penalty. But if more time has passed, there are chances the company will be unable to reinstate your policy. And you will have to make a new contract.

The next thing you should do is to stop driving. Avoid driving until you get an updated insurance card. Putting yourself at further risks of being caught driving uninsured is not recommended. Imagine committing a minor traffic violation and being also caught uninsured. You will surely add more money to the fine, and possibly, jail time.

If your policy gets cancelled, you should immediately buy a new one. Spending time with insurance gaps will not make your situation easier. Shop online for car insurance, for a fast approach, but be careful what you select.  Worst case scenario is to apply for state-sponsored car insurance programs, until you are eligible for standard carriers. In order to avoid future car lapses, you should try to organize your payments better. Furthermore, you can opt for electronic payment options, like automatic payments via a subscription.

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